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33mm Indicators /




Loose Lug Nut Indicators

Decimal: 1.299" / Metric: 33.00mm


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Loose Lug Nut Indicators, also know as Wheel Nut Indicators are a small piece of plastic that is injection molded with 24 teeth on them allowing them to be adjusted in to a circular pattern around a truck's hub. The purpose of these indicators are to show the operator that the truck (or trailer's) lug nuts have not rotated which would be a sign of loosening, causing an unsafe situation where a wheel could come loose, possibly injuring people or property.


The 24 points of the indicator are interference fit (an engineers way of saying pressed on) over the lug nut's hex head. They are tight enough to stay on in any weather but also not so tight that you can not remove or install by hand. The typical installation is with the indicators pointing in a clockwise direction, this way when/if a lug nut does happen to come loose the indicators rotate towards the outside of the wheel creating a larger pattern that is more easily visible to the vehicle operator. 


33mm Torque-Tight indicators are a very common size, in fact, they are so common that we sell 7 times the quantity of all other sizes combined!  Why is that? Well, 33mm (or 1-5/16" for us Imperial folks) is the size lug nut that is used on just about every heavy truck and trailer on the road in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Now, there is a little more to the size than you might think. The 33mm dimension is the measurement across the flats on the hex head of the nut.  These lug nuts actually fit on to a m22x1.5 stud which commonly confuses some people in to ordering 22mm indicators when they actually need a 33mm.  The easiest way of knowing is simply by taking out a socket and seeing what fits, sockets (and wrenches) are sized the exact way that our indicators are. If you use a 33mm or 1-5/16" socket on the lug nuts then you know you're in the correct spot!   


  • Colored pigment throughout part
  • UV Stable polyethylene and pigment
  • CNC cut for precise fit
  • 1/8" inch thick, strongest parts in the industry!
  • 2 Year Warranty

These 33mm indicators fit the following lug nuts:

  • Arvin MPN: R006000A, W498
  • AutoMann MPN: 2013014P2
  • Brake & Wheel MPN: M3203
  • Dayton MPN: 133052, 133052Q, 133057
  • Dorman MPN: 611-0030.10
  • Elucid MPN: E6000A
  • SKF MPN: MV33333G100
  • SPICER MPN: 2013014
  • ME6000A

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Luis Rivera
Perfect Service

Excelent service !

Jeff T.
Lug Nut Indicators

Easy to use, fit perfectly, and the best part - everyone on my team loved the idea of using them right away. They made their life easier (less crouching) and safer.

Fast shipping, good price, and made in USA, I'll definitely keep buying from Torque-Tight for my fleet!

Manuel Luna
It works well

Our mechanics like to use this product

Brandon Lotz

The product is very good, but took a long time to get, and when I called to inquire when they would be shipped no one got back to me.

Brandon, Thank you for the 5 star review! There was a period when we had issues with our phones and calls were not coming through. This has been resolved and shouldn't be an issue in the future. -Jonathon

Torque-Tight™ indicators are a small plastic piece that is cut to a teardrop shape, then a 24 point section of teeth are cut to in the shape of a circle that create an interference fit on a standard Hex Nut. Torque-Tight™ indicators are designed to be much larger (more than 2x in fact) than our competitors, this allows for a blatant visual reference when performing a walkaround. Our Torque-Tight™ indicators come in 3 standard colors, Green, Orange, and Black, however they are available in any color you can imagine (with a minimum order). For less than $25 you can reduce the risk of wheel off accidents, and heck, you may even save a few lives in the process.