**Limited time offer** FREE SHIPPING on orders $50+

**Limited time offer** FREE SHIPPING on orders $50+


The only Lug Nut Indicators  MADE in the USA!

Torque-Tight™ loose lug nut indicators are a small plastic piece that is molded in to a teardrop shape, the center of the teardrop has 24 indentations that interference fit on a standard hex nut allowing for the indicator to be positioned in 48 different orientations around a trucks wheel.  Torque-Tight™ indicators are designed to be much larger (more than 2x in fact) than our competitors, this allows for a blatant visual reference when performing a walkaround. Our Torque-Tight™ indicators come in 2 standard colors, Green and Orange, however they are available in any color you can imagine (with a minimum order). For less than $30 per vehicle you can reduce the risk of wheel off accidents, and heck, you may even save a few lives in the process.

33mm (1-5/16") Torque-Tight Indicators

as low as $0.48/ea

Trust in our USA made lug nut indicators to provide a quick visual means of inspecting your trucks critical fasteners.

Celebrating our 10th year in business you can rest assured that Torque-Tight will be your partner in safety!

Trusted by thousands of customers!

Here are just a few:

What are Lug Nut Indicators?

Torque-Tight lug nut indicators are also commonly called "Loose lug nut indicators" and that is exactly what they are designed to do. When properly installed the indicators are sequenced to show that a lug nut has not rotated on the wheel stud, allowing for a simple visual inspection.