4 pack of Skid-Stopper wheel skid indicators

Are you looking to purchase more than 4000pc? Please contact us for a quote.

Do you hate dragging a tire due to frozen brakes? We do too!  Thats why we now offer the Skid-Stopper indicator, made from UHMW-PE which is simply an amazing plastic that can withstand prolonged temperatures of 180 degrees Fahrenheit and will not degrade in performance when exposed to extreme freezing (-200° F) conditions as well. This stuff is actually the same exact material that Downhill Skis are made out of!


Included in the package: 4 indicators and 4 Jam Nuts (M22x1.5)  

These are to be installed after a lug nut is installed, use the Jam nut to sandwich the indicator between it and the lug nut.  NEVER INSTALL THE INDICATOR BETWEEN THE LUG NUT AND THE WHEEL.