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Torque Tight will be a product that cost you under $100 to put on a standard truck and trailer but could save you thousands of dollars down the road by having the truck and trailer on the road more, reducing the drivers pre-trip inspection time, and possibly avoid a costly accident. Torque Tight is a lug nut indicator that is placed on the lug nut after the wheel was properly installed and the lug nuts were torque to the proper specification. Torque Tight will then move with the lug nut or wheel fastener to show a driver at a quick glance that something is not right.  Torque Tight is a potential early warning sign for trucks and trailers that the wheel were improperly installed, or that something has changed after they were installed.

The benefits of equipping a truck and trailer with Torque Tight far exceed the initial cost of purchasing Torque Tight. With a truck and trailer outfitted with Torque Tight a driver will save on average three and a half minutes on pre trip inspection opposed to having to touch each individual lug nut to insure that the lug nut is not loose. Many state DOT records for Post trip inspection require a driver to inspect for finger tightness of each lug nut and with Torque Tight a driver is able to do that at a glance.

Another benefit of having Torque Tight is a company reduces the potential of a wheel off accident due to wheel fastener failure which at one time accounted for more than sixty percent of all wheel off accidents reported. Wheel off accidents come with fines, equipment repair, and liability all coming with a huge price tag and many of these accidents could have been avoided if the lug nuts were still torque to their proper specifications. Torque Tight remedies all these above problems by being able to visually inspect the lug nut and insure that the lug nut have not moved since it was last torque to specification.

Torque Tight is the best solution in helping prevent wheel off accidents by providing an inexpensive and easy way to visually inspect lug nuts or wheel fasteners. Torque Tight does this by manufacturing each lug nut indicator with the highest tolerances in mind, using the best grade material, along with manufacturing all Torque Tight in the USA.

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