About Us


Design: Evolve: Production!

 Torque-Tight™ is a unique product that was developed in order to fill a hole in the United States market. By leveraging the production and equipment available from our parent company; Outline Industries, we have designed (and produced) the first and only Lug Nut Indicators made right here in the USA. With the extensive knowledge and ability, Outline Industries is able to make products unlike any other manufacturer in the category. We have the unique ability to make parts from 1/2” all the way to 4” and larger should the need arise. With these capabilities and our good ol’ US of A spirit we present Torque-Tight™.

-Outline Industries Team

The basis for Torque-Tight™ all stems from a need by the commercial fleet industry. A few years ago, a gentleman from a large truck manufacturer came to us. He was a good old boy who knew what he wanted… and it was a domestic (Made in the USA!) product, however, it just wasn't available. This brought him to Outline, through a mutual acquaintance that knows our capabilities. We sat down and talked for a while, weighing the pros and cons, what the market needed and whether or not there even was a market. By the end of the conversation we had decided to at very least commit to making their parts, however we had no idea what laid ahead.

Within 3 weeks we were taking orders and shipping nation wide, we had no idea where from or why we were getting orders, but the phones were ringing!  This led to the development of Torque-Tight™, which was then and still is the only US manufacturer of Lug Nut Indicators!