7/8" Torque-Tight™ Sample


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7/8" Lug nuts are found on many Light Trucks today. Our 7/8" Torque-Tight™ loose lug nut indicators are designed to fit on both 7/8" and 22MM nuts.

Torque-Tight™ indicators are a small plastic piece that is cut to a teardrop shape, then a 24 point section of teeth are cut to in the shape of a circle that create an interference fit on a standard Hex Nut. Torque-Tight™ indicators are designed to be much larger (more than 2x in fact) than our competitors, this allows for a blatant visual reference when performing a walkaround. Our Torque-Tight™ indicators come in 3 standard colors, Green, Orange, and Black, however they are available in any color you can imagine (with a minimum order). For less than $25 you can reduce the risk of wheel off accidents, and heck, you may even save a few lives in the process.




  • Colored pigment throughout 
  • Lowest Cost - Highest Quality
  • 24 locking positions for easy placement
  • Heavy Duty LDPE construction 
  • Die Cut for precise fit
  • 1/8" thick 
  • Resists Extreme Heat and Cold
  • 2 year Warranty 
  • Custom colors available



Vehicles that use 7/8":

Here is a list of the known vehicles that use 7/8" lug nut indicators. 

  • Many Light Duty Trucks and Vans
  • Commuter transit busses
  • Ford F350, F450, E450, E550
  • GM 2500 & 3500 truck chassis
  • Smaller delivery vehicles