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Torque-Tight™ Lug Nut Indicators are a simple and effective way to increase the safety of your fleet. Today, many of our nations fleets are utalizing our Torque-Tight™ indicators. Here are just a few.

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In 2014, Cummins Rocky Mountain implemented a program to install Torque-Tight Lug Nut Indicators on all of their vehicles and trailers. This program was sent down from the corporate level and Outline Industries handled the distribution to each location. This was an easy and effective way to distribute the exact amount of parts needed for each location.   


Ziegler CAT came on board in January 2015, their program included introducing a new color to the Torque-Tight line up. Thanks to Ziegler, Black is now a standard color for all size indicators that we produce.  ziegler-cat.jpg
On April 17th, 2013 a Wake County School Bus lost a wheel due to loose lug nuts. (see the full story here) In reaction to the incident, School officials decided to install over 40,000 Torque-Tight™ Lug Nut Indicators on their busses.  wake-county-public-schools-logo.png
When Navistar deploys their fleet of test trucks to the arctic conditions of the Alaskan Haul Roads, they rely on our Torque-Tight™ Loose Lug Nut Indicators. Navistar has been onboard since 2013 and we are proud to have them as a customer!   navistar.png


Torque-Tight Lug Nut Indicator ROI breakdown


While mandated by the US DOT, a physical walkaround of a truck prior to operation is quite vague on the specifics. This has led many fleets implementing their own procedures and  requirements.

A number of fleets have had lug nut failures in the past and have since implemented a procedure that requires physically touching each lug nut to verify that it is at “minimum hand tight”. This can be a costly endeavor for a fleet that employs hourly drivers; for this example, we will examine a mid sized fleet with 500 power units and 1500 trailers.



80% of the power units are active 5 days a week.

Drivers follow the procedure of touching each nut.

PU’s (power units)= 60 nuts, Trailers = 40 nuts

Each Driver cost the company $35/hr


Cost of Torque-Tight acquisition:

PU’s, 500 x 60 = 30,000 nuts

Trailers, 1500 x 40 = 60,000 nuts

90,000 total nuts/indicators @ $0.34/ea, Total Investment $30,600.00


Time investment:

During the Walkaround, on average each driver will spend 2 additional minutes physically touching each lug nut on a PU, and 1.5 min on a trailer.

400 x 3.5 = 23.33 hrs (1400 min) per day

23.33 x $35 = $816.55 / day



$30,600 / $816.55 = 37.47 days


The initial investment of the Torque-Tight lug nut indicators is recouped in a short 38 days.